About Us

So who are we?

We are two sisters who finally decided to take the plunge and open a blog/Travel Magazine – an opportunity to share our pictures and tips to inspire others to roam the world and have a taste of different cultures. All the pictures are ours, unless it is mentioned that they were taken by someone else. Hope you will be inspired to travel the world!

About Sari

I am an interior designer who started to pursue my passion for photography only at the age of 40. Initially I wanted to be able to document family trips and experiences that I loved but soon enough my hobby became my passion. This blog is a combination of all of my passions: design, culture and photography.

About Maya

I am all about travelling, photography, sci-fi, music, dancing (whether at a zumba class or while cleaning my house), active and healthy lifestyle and the occasional apple pie and ice cream. For the boring stuff – I am a translator and photographer who is always looking for an excuse to hop on the next plane…

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